SKYWORTH 创维作为全球最大的智能电视品牌之一,近些年来不断超越人们的期待,用自己的企业精神鼓舞目标用户追求梦想。在新的时代,需要全新的定位以与其竞争对手形成区隔。

SKYWORTH Skyworth is one of the world’s largest smart TV brands. In recent years, Skyworth has continuously surpassed people’s expectations and used its entrepreneurial spirit to inspire target users to pursue their dreams. In the new era, new positioning is needed to differentiate it from its competitors.

SKYWORTH 创维对科技坚持以持续务实的探索,通过延拓视觉与世界的交互,进而使人们拥抱更广阔的智慧疆界。我们深谙SKYWORTH 创维的品牌精神,在此基础上我们更新了品牌标志,标志的设计概念来源于 Go ahead 前行。并为SKYWORTH 创维开发了全新的品牌定位及市场定位,设定了精准的品牌表达方式及沟通体系,使品牌在中国的辨识度和销售都有所增长。

SKYWORTH Skyworth insists on continuous and pragmatic exploration of technology, and by extending the interaction between vision and the world, it enables people to embrace a broader border of wisdom. We understand the brand spirit of SKYWORTH Skyworth. On this basis, we have updated the brand logo. The design concept of the logo comes from Go ahead. And for SKYWORTH Skyworth developed a new brand positioning and market positioning, set a precise brand expression and communication system, so that the brand’s recognition and sales in China have increased.


Client _ SKYWORTH Group

Design At 2M2DESIGN

Art Direction _ Lingyuan Wang

Strategy _ Odin Zhang, Hu Ning

Typography _ John Wu

Graphic Design _ Ji Dehui

2017 – 2018