29 Feb,2024
由2M2为美学在线平台Malt设计的202A模块化搁架系统(202A Modular shelving system),荣获 iF 设计奖(iF Design Awards) 办公家具类奖项,该奖项将于4月在柏林进行现场颁奖。
The 202A Modular shelving system, designed by 2M2 for the aesthetic online platform Malt, has won the iF Design Awards in the office category, which will be presented live in Berlin in April.

iF 设计奖(iF Design Award)创立于1954年,作为工业设计领域的顶级赛事之一,被视为全球卓越设计的质量仲裁者。在产品类主竞赛单元,202A模块化搁架系统因其设计独创性、高度的功能美学,以及在结构方案中体现出的建筑品质获得认可,成为该单元唯一获奖的搁架作品。
Founded in 1954, the iF design award, as one of the top competitions in the field of industrial design, is regarded as the quality arbiter of design excellence worldwide. In the main competition section of the product discipline, the 202A modular shelving system was recognised for its design originality, highly functional aesthetics, and the architectural quality embodied in its structural solution, making it the only awarded shelving entry in this section.

继全球公关赛事 SABRE Awards、国际传播奖 Effie Awards艾菲效果营销奖之后,这是2M2近半年中实现的第三个国际跨界奖项。这些声誉打破了传统的身份概念,验证了2M2团队在创造力和跨学科方面的持续工作,它们本质上是观念性的,根植于目的。

After the SABRE Awards, a global PR event, and the Effie Performance Marketing Awards, an international communications award, this is the third international crossover award that 2M2 has achieved in the last six months. These accolades break down traditional notions of identity and validate the 2M2 team’s ongoing work in inventiveness and interdisciplinarity, which are essentially conceptual and rooted in purpose.

202A是一个基于对构造理性和高技派方法的联合研究项目,是2M2和Malt自2022年以来密切合作的成果,反应其观念与设计方面的历史工作。该搁架系统的特点是,以构件单元最小化实现强大承重,提供无限的配置。分体柱单元(T-post pole unit)作为原创的专利结构方案,进一步实现了非搁物形态的家具拓展。它在不增加结构件的同时,可以用作电视支架。
202A is a project based on a joint research into the principles of constructive rationality and high-tech approach, and it is the result of a close co-operation between 2M2 and Malt since 2022, reacting to their historical work in conception and design. The shelving system is characterised by a strong load-bearing with the minimum of component units, offering unlimited configurations. The T-post pole unit, an original and patented structural solution, further enables the expansion of furniture in non-shelving forms. It can be used as a TV support without adding structural elements.

202A模块化搁架系统(202A Modular shelving system)计划于2024后半年推出。
It is important to emphasize that this is the first award-winning product in the competition to be entirely led and completed by non-industrial designers, with graphic-base practitioners forming the core of the project. They believe in deep thinking and a systematic approach as an engine for creative work, which is fruitful in interdisciplinary work.
The 202A modular shelving system is scheduled for launch in the latter half of 2024.