TAOSENCE 天人山水项目是由昊源集团独家策划、建设和运营,在丘陵、湖泊、坡谷、溪流和平地上构建大型国际生态旅游全龄化优养度假住家的生命家园综合服务社区。

坐落在川毓灵秀的山水之间,TAOSENCE 天人山水的目的地充满着宁静的朴素及自然的诗意。

TAOSENCE, a large international ecotourism center project designed and operated by the McWaltz Group. It is constructed in hills, lakes, valleys, brooks, and fields. This project is designed for both vacation and residential purposes.
Also, it is a place that facing all age groups. TAOSENCE is located between spectacular nature views and surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers.

2M2 Art Direction Co., 受邀为天人山水品牌创作全新形象。
在审视了天人山水独特的珍稀自然资源后,2M2 Art Direction Co., 采用抽象的艺术方法,精准阐释了天人山水的品牌内在:在山水自然之中所蕴藏的诗性及艺术性。
This TAOSENCE project integrates the concept of modern human habitat concept and the poetic expression of contemporary art into the natural landscape. In this quiet and turbulent journey of perception, this is just a starting point.

2M2 Art Direction Co., using the abstract artistic methods to accurately explain the inner brand of TAOSENCE: the poetic and artistic qualities contained in the natural landscape.


Client _ McWaltz Group
Service _ Art Derection / Branding / Product Design
Art Direction _ Michael Wang
Strategy _ LingYuan Wang / Ning Hu
Design Director _ Wu Ke
Graphic Design _ Nan Lin / Hao Ji Yu
Account Manager _ Long Lei
Motion Graphic _ JingFeng Cai